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Chapter 390-16 WAC


WAC Sections

FormsRegistration statement for political committees.
Sponsor of a political committee.
FormsRegistration statement for candidates.
Forms for statement of contributions deposit.
FormsAuction report.
Earmarked contributionsReportingForm.
Additional reporting requirements.
Purpose of campaign expendituresReporting.
Total contributions and expendituresReporting.
FormsSummary of total contributions and expenditures.
Contingent liabilitiesReporting.
Out-of-state political committeesImplementation of RCW 42.17A.250.
Forms for contributions and expenditures of out-of-state political committees.
Forms for report of independent expenditures and electioneering communications.
Additional information regarding independent expenditures and C-6 report filing.
Annual report of major contributors and persons making independent expenditures.
Mini campaign reportingEligibility.
Mini campaign reportingSpecial fund-raising events.
Mini campaign reportingConditions for granting use.
Last minute committees.
Mini campaign reportingExceeding limitations.
Expenditures by agents, employeesReporting.
Ratings and endorsements.
In-kind contributionsExplanation and reporting.
Tangible propertyDefinition.
Surplus campaign fundsUse in future.
Same office last sought.
Transfers of candidate funds.
Surplus funds accountsDisclosure.
Personal use of contributionsStandard.
Earmarked contributionsDefinition and use.
Contributions by controlled entities.
Identification of source of contribution.
Identification of affiliated entities.
Limitations on contributions.
Handling contributions of uncertain origin.
Independent expenditureDefinition and application.
Candidates in small political subdivisionsReporting.
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