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Consumer eligibility and payment for services.

(1) Within available resources as defined in RCW 71.24.025(2), the regional support network must serve consumers in the following order of priority as defined in RCW 71.24.035 (5)(b):
(a) Acutely mentally ill persons;
(b) Chronically mentally ill adults and severely emotionally disturbed children;
(c) Seriously disturbed persons.
(2) Consumers eligible for the Title XIX medicaid program are entitled to receive covered medically necessary services from a mental health prepaid health plan without charge to the consumer;
(3) The consumer or the parent(s) of a child who has not reached their eighteenth birthday, the legal guardian, or the estate of the consumer is responsible for payment for services provided. The consumer may apply to the following entities for payment assistance:
(a) DSHS for medical assistance;
(b) The community support provider for payment responsibility based on a sliding fee scale; or
(c) The regional support network for authorization of payment for involuntary evaluation and treatment services for consumers who would experience a substantial hardship as defined in WAC 388-865-0150.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71.05.560, 71.24.035 (5)(c), 71.34.800, 9.41.047, 43.20B.020, and 43.20B.335. WSR 01-12-047, ยง 388-865-0215, filed 5/31/01, effective 7/1/01.]