Chapter 388-25 WAC

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388-25-0001What kinds of financial support are available to licensed foster care providers?
388-25-0003What is the purpose of the foster care maintenance payment?
388-25-0005What is the legal basis for the foster care program?
388-25-0010What definitions apply to the foster care program?
388-25-0011What method does the department use to determine what foster care rate will be paid for a foster child?
388-25-0015What are the department's placement priorities?
388-25-0016What are the essential features of the foster care rate assessment system?
388-25-0018What is the agency's goal as to the maximum number of children who remain in foster care in excess of twenty-four months?
388-25-0020What are the department's limitations on placement?
388-25-0022How does the foster care rate assessment work?
388-25-0025When may the department or a child placing agency authorize foster care placement?
388-25-0027What factors are considered in the foster care rate assessment?
388-25-0030When may the department serve a child through a behavior rehabilitation services program?
388-25-0032How often do the foster parent and social worker meet to complete the rate assessment?
388-25-0035What is the department's authority to remove a child from a behavior rehabilitation services placement?
388-25-0037What are the reimbursement levels?
388-25-0040How long may a child served by the department remain in out-of-home placement before a court hearing is held?
388-25-0042Can the child be assessed at a different level, depending on the foster home?
388-25-0045Under what circumstances may a parent sign a consent for voluntary placement of a child in foster care with the department?
388-25-0047Can the assessment change if the child's needs change?
388-25-0050What must a parent do to place the child in foster care with the department?
388-25-0052How will the foster parent be notified of the rate the child will receive?
388-25-0055How long may a voluntary placement last with the department?
388-25-0057Can a foster parent challenge the rate assessment?
388-25-0060May the department grant an exception to the length of stay in voluntary placement?
388-25-0062How does a foster parent seek a department review of the rate assessment?
388-25-0065What are the department's placement procedures for an infant residing in foster care with the infant's teen parent?
388-25-0067What does the department consider in reviewing the request?
388-25-0072How does the foster parent learn about the department's decision on review?
388-25-0075To whom does the department make payment for foster care?
388-25-0077How does the foster parent appeal the department's decision on review?
388-25-0082What law and rules govern the administrative law judge?
388-25-0087What issues may be decided by the administrative law judge?
388-25-0090What are the department's expectations for foster care providers to whom the department makes reimbursement for services?
388-25-0095What are the requirements for release of foster parents' licensing records?
388-25-0100What are the department's responsibilities regarding financial assistance to support children in the department's foster homes and child placing agency foster homes?
388-25-0105What is the effective date for payment of foster care?
388-25-0107What is the beginning date for payment of foster care?
388-25-0110What is the effective date for termination of foster care payments?
388-25-0115What are the department's general standards for family foster care reimbursement?
388-25-0125When may the department authorize a clothing allowance for a child in out-of-home care?
388-25-0130What are the standards for use and reimbursement of receiving home care?
388-25-0135What are the types of receiving homes and what children are served in them?
388-25-0140Who decides on the number of receiving homes needed in an area?
388-25-0145How long may a child stay in a receiving home?
388-25-0150What are the rates for reimbursement to receiving home providers?
388-25-0155How are rates authorized for reimbursement to receiving home providers?
388-25-0175Under what circumstances may the department provide foster care for educational purposes?
388-25-0185May the department consider foster care payments to the foster family in determining eligibility for public assistance?
388-25-0190What are the department's standards for making foster care payment to a relative providing care to the child served by department?
388-25-0195How does the department make reimbursement for foster care for a child served by the department who moves out-of-state with the foster family?
388-25-0200What payment procedures must the department follow for children placed across state borders?
388-25-0210How does the department treat resources and unearned income of a child in foster care?
388-25-0215What is the parents' obligation to support their child in foster care?
388-25-0220Who has authority to recommend or negotiate amounts for parental participation in the cost of foster care?
388-25-0225What cases must be referred to the division of child support (DCS)?
388-25-0226Does children's administration refer foster care cases to the division of child support where good cause exists?
388-25-0227What constitutes good cause for not pursuing the collection or establishment of child support or paternity?
388-25-0228Does the division of child support pursue collection or establish child support or paternity on cases in which good cause has been determined?
388-25-0229Who may request a good cause determination?
388-25-0231When may a good cause determination be requested?
388-25-0235To whom must parents' send child support payments for their child in foster care?
388-25-0240Under what circumstances must child care judgment and limited power of attorney for parental support payments be assigned to the department?
388-25-0245Who receives veterans' benefits for children in foster care?
388-25-0250What limitations exist on administrative hearings regarding foster care payments?
388-25-0255What standards must the department apply to contracted and noncontracted service providers and vendors when the department has identified an overpayment to the provider or vendor?
388-25-0260Do vendor overpayment rules in this chapter also apply to adoptive parents?
388-25-0265Are there time limitations on identifying and recovering an overpayment?
388-25-0270May overpayments be waived or forgiven?
388-25-0275Do other governmental organizations have the right to an adjudicative hearing?
388-25-0280What steps must a provider or vendor take when requesting an administrative hearing in regards to an overpayment?
388-25-0285When is payment due on an overpayment?
388-25-0290Which is the deciding authority if another WAC rule or the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act conflict with the information in this chapter?
388-25-0295Who establishes guidelines to identify overpayments and to mediate overpayment disputes?
388-25-0300What is the foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0305What is the period of coverage for foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0310Who is eligible for coverage under the foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0315What are the limits of coverage under the foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0320The department excludes what claims from coverage under the foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0325What if there are multiple claims for one occurrence under the foster parent liability fund?
388-25-0330May another source be used to recover on the same claim paid by the liability fund?
388-25-0335What are the department's authority and the foster parent's responsibilities regarding investigation of claims?
388-25-0340What are the department's responsibilities and limitations for reimbursement for damage or loss caused by a child in family foster care?
388-25-0345What are the eligibility requirements for reimbursements to foster parents for damages?
388-25-0350What are the department's reimbursement limitations?
388-25-0355What types of claims are specifically excluded from reimbursement?
388-25-0360What is the procedure for filing a claim?
388-25-0365Which office within the department determines damage reimbursement?
388-25-0370How are exception requests made?
388-25-0375What claims may the department deny?
388-25-0380What must a foster parent do to have a denied claim reconsidered?
388-25-0385Will the department investigate claims?
388-25-0390What are the training requirements for licensed foster parents?
388-25-0395What are the department's responsibilities for management of juvenile records?
388-25-0400To whom may the department release records?
388-25-0405Under what circumstances may the department exclude or deny information from release unless authorized by law or court order?
388-25-0410What may a juvenile or the juvenile's parent do if the department denies access to information?
388-25-0415What are the department's expectations for child placing agencies (CPA) to which the department makes reimbursement for services or administrative costs?
388-25-0420What steps must the department take when a child whose case management responsibility remains with the department is placed in a home certified by a CPA?
388-25-0425What activities must a child placing agency provide in order to receive payment from the department?
388-25-0430Under what conditions and how much will the department reimburse to child placing agencies licensed or certified under chapter 74.15 RCW to provide care to children?
388-25-0435What steps may the department take if a child placing agency does not meet the requirements of this chapter?
388-25-0440What are the department's obligations regarding children placed by the department between states?
388-25-0445Under what circumstances does the department choose a relative as the placement for a child in need of out-of-home care?
388-25-0450Under what circumstances may a relative not be considered as a placement option for a child?
388-25-0455What sources of financial support are available to a relative caring for a child that the department has placed in the relative's home?
388-25-0460How does the department treat relatives of specified degree with legally free children?
388-25-0500What is the legal basis of the extended foster care program?
388-25-0502What is the purpose of the extended foster care program?
388-25-0504What is extended foster care?
388-25-0506Who is eligible for extended foster care?
388-25-0508When is a youth considered to be "in foster care"?
388-25-0510When is a youth not "in foster care"?
388-25-0512How does a youth demonstrate enrollment in school?
388-25-0514How does a youth demonstrate he/she has applied for and intends to timely enroll in a post-secondary program?
388-25-0515How does a youth demonstrate participation in a program or activity designed to promote employment or remove barriers to employment?
388-25-0516What if an eligible youth does not want to participate in the extended foster care program?
388-25-0517What is a "documented medical condition"?
388-25-0519How does a youth demonstrate he or she is unable to participate in extended foster care activities due to a documented medical condition?
388-25-0528How does a youth agree to participate in the extended foster care program?
388-25-0530Where do youth obtain information about how to participate in the program?
388-25-0532Can an extended foster care participant continue in extended foster care under a different eligibility category?
388-25-0534If an extended foster care participant loses his or her eligibility before he or she turns twenty-one, may he or she reapply for extended foster care?
388-25-0536What are CA's responsibilities to a youth who is participating in extended foster care?
388-25-0540How does CA determine a youth's continuing eligibility for the extended foster care program?
388-25-0542What are the legal rights of a dependent youth in extended foster care to travel out of state, buy a car or engage in other activities as an adult?
388-25-0544What are the youth's rights in the extended foster care program?
388-25-0546What must the youth do to remain in the extended foster care program?
388-25-0548When is a youth no longer eligible for the extended foster care program?
388-25-1000What is the state supplementary payment (SSP) that is administered by the children's administration (CA)?
388-25-1010What are the eligibility requirements for the CA/SSP program?
388-25-1020When will my eligibility for CA/SSP be determined?
388-25-1030How will I know if I am eligible to receive a CA/SSP payment?
388-25-1040Can I apply for the CA/SSP program if I am not identified by CA as eligible for the CA/SSP program?
388-25-1050What are my appeal rights if CA determines that I am not eligible for CA/SSP?
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