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WAC 388-160-0515

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What are the requirements for toilets, sinks, and bathing facilities in shelters?

You must provide:
(1) Two or more indoor flush-type toilets close to handwashing sinks with hot and cold running water;
(2) One toilet and sink for the first eight youth, with a second toilet and sink when four more youth are on the premises;
(3) Privacy for persons of the opposite sex at toilets and any bathing facilities;
(4) Hot and cold running water not exceeding one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit at handwashing sinks, and bathing facilities;
(5) A conveniently located grab bar or nonslip floor surfaces in any bathing facilities;
(6) Urinals instead of toilets as long as only urinals do not replace more than one-third of the total required number of toilets; and
(7) Dispenser soap and individual towels, disposable towels, or other approved single-use hand drying devices, at handwashing sinks, and any bathing facilities.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 75.15 [74.15] RCW. WSR 01-15-001, ยง 388-160-0515, filed 7/5/01, effective 8/5/01.]