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WAC 388-147-0190

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What independent living skills may be offered?

(1) The types of assistance, service, and support the pregnant and parenting teen program offers will vary based on the chronological age, the developmental stage, family resources, and the supervision needs of the individual youth.
(2) Assistance may be offered in the broad categories of:
(a) Parenting skills development and support (including instruction that includes the prohibition of spanking or the use of cruel or frightening discipline of her child by the teen parent);
(b) Skills for independence (budgeting, comparative shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc);
(c) Basic educational competencies (including assisting in developing or arranging for an educational plan for each youth in care who has not completed high school or the GED, support for regular school attendance, homework completion, and tutoring;
(d) Employment preparation (including volunteer experiences, job interview skills, resume development, appropriate work environment behavior, vocational training etc.);
(e) Interpersonal skills and health care (including education in nutrition, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse, health insurance, etc.);
(f) Housing (including skills needed to be a good roommate, options for housing, rental agreements, landlord/tenant relationships, etc.); and
(g) Developing significant support systems (identifying adults who can be a positive example and support in the future).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030 and chapter 74.15 RCW. WSR 05-01-075, ยง 388-147-0190, filed 12/9/04, effective 1/9/05.]