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WAC 388-145-1020

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What types of physical restraint are acceptable?

(1) You must use efforts other than physical restraint to redirect or deescalate a situation.
(2) If a child's behavior poses an immediate risk to physical safety, you may use a physical restraint on a child. The restraint must be reasonable and necessary to:
(a) Prevent a child on the premises from harming himself/herself or others; or
(b) Protect property from serious damage.
(3) You and the staff may use restraining techniques:
(a) If your emergency respite center provides care to school-age children only; and
(b) Is approved by DLR for the use of physical restraint. You and your staff must be trained in accordance with the DLR behavior management policy before restraining a child in a nonemergency situation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.280, 74.15.020 and 2001 c 230. WSR 03-08-026, ยง 388-145-1020, filed 3/26/03, effective 4/26/03.]