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What definitions apply to this chapter?

"Beneficiary" means an eligible person for whom an individual trust account has been established within the trust fund.
"Department" means the department of community, trade and economic development, office of community development.
"Disbursement plan" means a plan, submitted by the primary donor at the time of enrollment as part of the joinder agreement, that identifies the goods or services most likely to be appropriate to the supplemental needs of the beneficiary. The primary donor may periodically change the disbursement plan by amending the joinder agreement.
"Disposition plan" means a plan, submitted by the primary donor at the time of enrollment as part of the joinder agreement, that directs how any remaining private funds will be disbursed from the individual trust account on the death of the beneficiary.
"Governing board" means the seven-member group established according to RCW 43.330.210 to design and administer the trust fund.
"Individual trust account" means the account that holds assets for the benefit of an individual beneficiary within the trust fund.
"Joinder agreement" means an agreement establishing the primary donor's consent to the master trust document for the trust fund. The joinder agreement shall include the disbursement plan and the disposition plan for the individual trust account, and designate the primary representative and additional persons authorized to request disbursements.
"Primary donor" means the person who sets up an account for a beneficiary and submits and signs the joinder agreement. Under conditions described in the master trust document, the primary donor may be the beneficiary.
"Primary representative" means the person named in the joinder agreement with whom the governing board and/or the trust manager is authorized to communicate regarding an individual beneficiary's interests.
"Program manager" means the person designated by the department to manage the developmental disabilities endowment fund and act as the department liaison with other state agencies to facilitate governing board activities.
"Resident" means a person who lives in the state of Washington. For purposes of the trust fund, a beneficiary must be a resident.
"Trust manager" means the person or persons or entity designated by the governing board pursuant to RCW 43.330.200 to authorize disbursements from the trust fund. The trust manager is authorized to make disbursements in its discretion consistent with and as authorized under this chapter and will consider the disbursement plan filed by the primary donor as part of the joinder agreement when making decisions regarding disbursements. The trust manager shall take into account how any individual disbursement will affect the ability of the account to sustain the needed disbursements over a significant portion of the beneficiary's anticipated remaining life.
"Vested account" means an account that has initially qualified for matching funds by meeting requirements over a three-year period.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.330.240. WSR 02-07-026, ยง 365-220-015, filed 3/12/02, effective 4/12/02.]
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