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Chapter 363-116 WAC


WAC Sections

Time and place of meeting.
Special meeting.
Emergency meeting.
Number of pilots.
Collection of fees.
Qualifications for pilot applicants.
Examination for pilot applicants.
Simulator evaluation for pilot applicants.
Training program.
Licensing of pilots.
Rest period.
Limitations on new pilots.
Written examination protest and appeal procedures.
Simulator evaluation review and appeal procedures.
Association bylaws.
Challenges to board actions concerning licensing determinations and appeal procedures.
Details and requirements of annual license fee payment, physical examination report and reinstatement application for licensed pilots.
Sanctions for drug and alcohol offenders.
Job descriptionPhysical examinationHealth requirements.
Pilotage station.
Tariff proposals.
Pilotage rates for the Grays Harbor pilotage district.
Duties of pilots.
Vessel certification.
Vessel certification form.
Pilotage rates for the Puget Sound pilotage district.
New revenue collection.
Retirement disbursements.
Exemption from provisions of WAC 197-10-800.
Exempt vessels.
Docking and undocking of certain vessels by the vessels' masters.
System of specified disciplinary or corrective actions.
Procedure for request by steamship company or agent that certain pilots not be assigned to certain vessels for specific safety reasons.
Relieving pilots for cause.
Definition of Grays Harbor pilotage district.
Summary/temporary license suspension.
Tug escort requirements for oil tankers.
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