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Chapter 358-30 WAC


WAC Sections

Waiver of rules to prevent manifest injustice to parties not represented by legal counsel.
Acknowledgment of appeal, setting of hearing.
Motion for more definite statement.
Hearings examiners.
Hearings on appeals of allocation determinations.
Prehearing conference.
Hearings and conferences by telephone.
Motions for and orders of continuance.
Motions, generally—Time lines.
Filing of prehearing statements, briefs, and written argument.
Disposition following hearing.
Dispositive and summary motions.
Recommended decisions of hearings examiners—Exceptions.
Hearing on exceptions—Orders of board.
Default at hearings.
Dismissal by board.
Exhibits at hearings.
Ethical conduct.
Filing papers with the personnel appeals board.
Witness fees.
Proof of subpoena service.
Burden of proof.
Restoration of rights and benefits.
Computation of time.
Appeals to superior court.
Record for the court—Transcripts on appeal.
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