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Chapter 342-10 WAC


WAC Sections

Authority and purpose.
Description of oceanographic commission's central field organization.
Public records available.
Public records officer.
Office hours.
Requests for public records.
Review of denials of public records request.
Records index.
Request for public records form.
Oceanographic commission—Organization and structure—Officers—Staff—Terms of office—Conduct of business.
Oceanographic commission—Members—Appointment and terms of office.
Oceanographic commission—Officers and executive committee—Terms.
Oceanographic commission—Duties of office.
Order of business.
Conduct of commission meeting business.
Oceanographic institute of Washington.
Oceanographic institute of Washington—Institute board of trustees.
Oceanographic institute of Washington—Term of vacancies of institute trustees.
Use of abbreviations.
Purpose and scope.
Meaning of words and terms.
Sufficiency of compliance with SEPA guidelines.
Designation of responsible official.
Commission's SEPA public information center.
Maintenance of EIS available register.
Procedure when a consulting agency.
Exemption for emergency actions.
Chapter to be amended when SEPA guidelines amended.
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