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Vertical and directional wells.

Deviation surveys shall be taken on all wells during the normal course of drilling at intervals not to exceed 152 meters (500 feet). The department may require a directional survey giving both inclination and azimuth or a dipmeter to be obtained on all wells. In calculating all surveys, a correction from true north to Lambert-Grid north shall be made after making the magnetic to true north correction. All surveys shall be filed with department as set forth in WAC 332-17-400. Wells are considered to be directional if inclination from vertical exceeds an average of five degrees. In directional wells directional surveys shall be obtained at intervals not to exceed 30 meters (100 feet) prior to, or upon setting any casing string or lines (except conductor casing) and total depth.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.76.050(2). WSR 79-02-001 (Order), § 332-17-410, filed 1/4/79.]