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Chapter 315-06 WAC


WAC Sections

Operation of the lottery.
Authorization to sell tickets.
Lottery retailer's instructions.
Instant ticket purchase price and conditions.
Disclosure of probability of purchasing a winning ticket.
Location of sale.
Price of tickets—Limitations.
Purchaser's obligations.
Game sell-out.
Certain purchases of tickets, acceptance of things of economic value, and winning of prizes prohibited.
Hand-marked play slips.
Video machines prohibited.
Promotional contests of chance.
Data processing terminals for the dispensing of tickets authorized.
Conversion to data processing vending terminals.
Overlapping draw game sales in consecutive fiscal years.
Payment of prizes—General provisions.
Voluntary assignment of prize pursuant to an appropriate judicial order.
Debts owed the state.
Prizes payable after death or disability of individual winner.
Filing of reports.
Erroneous or mutilated tickets.
Returned tickets.
Law enforcement.
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