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Chapter 314-24 WAC


WAC Sections

Standards of identity for wine.
Substandard wines prohibited.
Application procedure for domestic wineries.
Wine labelsFederal certificate of label approval requiredLabels to be submitted.
Alcoholic content.
Quality standards.
Domestic wineriesPurchase and use of bulk wines, brandy or wine spiritsImport permit requiredRecordsWine returned to Washington.
ContainersSizes and types permitted.
Wine labels.
Domestic wineriesResponsibility for fruits usedRecords.
Application procedureWine distributor's or importer's license.
Winery warehouse license.
Wine importersRequirements.
Wine certificate of approval.
Importation of foreign wineUnited States wineriesReportsRecords.
Case lot sales.
Sales to vessels.
Wine recordsPreservation.
Domestic wineriesRetail sales of wine on winery premisesWine served without charge on premisesSpirit, beer and wine restaurant operation.
Domestic wineryAdditional locations for retail sales only.
Farmer's market beer and wine sampling.
Wine distributors, wine importersCertain rights granted.
Wine suppliers and distributors.
Return of wine by retailerReplacementConditions.
Licensing and operation of bonded wine warehouses.
What is a wine shipper's permit and who may hold this permit?
What is the cost of a wine shipper's permit?
Domestic wineries at special occasion licensed events.
Defining wine of a winery's own production.
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