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Restrictions and conditions.

May a vehicle properly licensed or registered in another jurisdiction be operated in Washington without further registration requirements? Yes, as provided in RCW 46.85.060 and 46.85.080 the following conditions and restrictions apply:
(1) Nonresident students: The student must be in full-time attendance at a college or university in Washington accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges or at a private vocational school as that term is defined by RCW 28C.10.020(7) and maintain their legal home of record at a location outside the state of Washington. Vehicles must be registered in the student's or in the name of their parent or legal guardian in the resident state of record. The student must carry documentation issued by the college, university or vocational school that readily establishes the nonresident status. Employment incidental to the full-time student status is permitted. The spouse of a nonresident student has the same licensing privilege as long as the vehicle is registered to the student or jointly to the student and spouse, regardless of the spouse's legal residence or employment.
(2) Nonresident military personnel: Vehicles must be currently registered in the name of the military person at their official home of record. A vehicle licensed at the last duty station may be operated until the current registration expires at which time the vehicle must be licensed in the military person's home of record or in Washington. The spouse of a nonresident military person has the same licensing privilege as long as the vehicle is registered to the military person or jointly to the military person and spouse, regardless of the spouse's legal residence or employment.
(3) Borrowed vehicle: A borrowed vehicle currently licensed in another jurisdiction may be operated by a Washington resident for a period not to exceed ten days in any one calendar year. If the period of use exceeds ten days the vehicle must be registered and licensed in Washington. This provision does not apply to business vehicles.
(4) Vehicles undergoing repairs: Commercial vehicles having a gross weight or combined gross weight of over 26,000 pounds and properly registered and licensed in another state or Canadian Province may enter Washington for purposes of repair under the following conditions:
(a) The vehicle must enter the state unladen and proceed immediately to the repair facility.
(b) The vehicle must immediately leave the state, unladen, upon completion of repairs.
(c) The vehicle cannot be used for any commercial activity while in Washington.
(d) The repair facility must be located within fifteen miles of the Washington border.
(e) While in Washington, the vehicle must carry the following documentation:
(i) An "out-of-state vehicle repair statement of fact." Blank forms are available from the department of licensing internet site at
(ii) A copy of the vehicle repair work order issued by the repair facility before the vehicle enters Washington.
(f) The repair facility must maintain a copy of the "out-of-state vehicle repair statement of fact" and vehicle repair work order for a period of five years. The repair facility must make the forms available for inspection by state agency representatives.
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