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WAC 308-96A-071

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Military affiliate radio system special license plates.

(1) Who may apply for the military affiliate radio system station special license plates? Any person having a valid military affiliate radio system (MARS) station license may apply to the department for license plates bearing the official MARS call letters assigned by the Department of Defense. These plates are in lieu of regular issue license plates. The department will issue only one set of plates at any one time carrying these call letters and can only be displayed on a motor vehicle registered to the MARS station license holder.
(2) Can a MARS special license plate be issued for my motorcycle? No. Motorcycle license plates accommodate a maximum of six characters. MARS call letters consist of seven characters.
(3) What documents are required to receive MARS special license plates? In addition to all other license fees required by law, an applicant for MARS license plates must attach a copy of the current official MARS station license authorized by the Department of Defense and issued by the United States Army, Air Force, or Navy/Marine Corps. The recipient of these plates must notify the department when the MARS station license has been canceled.
(4) Are there any special fees required to obtain the MARS license plates? In addition to all other license fees required by law, each applicant for MARS license plates must pay an additional license plate fee of five dollars for the plate and applicable fees as stated in RCW 46.16.316 any time the plates are transferred to another vehicle.
(5) When are the MARS license plates canceled? The effective date of a plate cancellation is the date the MARS station license becomes invalid. Reinstatement of the plates requires the MARS station license holder to reapply for the plates, providing a copy of the valid MARS license and paying the five-dollar fee for a new plate and applicable fees as stated in RCW 46.16.316.
(6) Will I ever have to exchange my MARS license plates? Yes, the department has determined that all license plates be replaced on a seven-year vehicle license rotation schedule; however, your MARS license plates will be issued with your official call letters and numbers assigned to you by the F.C.C.
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