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Vehicles brands and comments.

(1) What is a brand? For the purposes of this section a brand is a notation on the certificate of ownership or vehicle registration certificate that records a special circumstance or condition involving a vehicle.
(2) What brands are assigned to vehicles by the department? Brands used by the department include, but are not limited to:
(a) Former exempt, as defined in RCW 46.16A.170;
(b) Former for hire, as defined in RCW 46.72.010;
(c) Former taxicab, as described in RCW 46.72.010;
(d) Rebuilt as required in RCW 46.12.540, when a vehicle reported destroyed under RCW 46.12.600 or 46.80.090 and WAC 308-56A-460 meets the definition of salvage vehicle in RCW 46.04.514;
(e) Street rod as formerly defined in repealed section RCW 46.04.571;
(f) Nonconformity uncorrected or safety defect uncorrected as defined in RCW 19.118.021 (14) and (19);
(g) Nonconformity corrected or safety defect corrected as defined in RCW 19.118.021 (14) and (19);
(h) Returned to manufacturer;
(i) Odometer - Not actual;
(j) Odometer - Exceeds mechanical limits;
(k) Repaired - Wrecker/insurance bill of sale;
(l) Contaminated - Vehicles described in chapter 64.44 RCW;
(m) Decontaminated - Vehicles described in chapter 64.44 RCW.
(3) What brands are carried forward from the other states/jurisdictions by the department?
(a) Brands for states/jurisdictions participating in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) program (known as "Standard Brands,") are maintained in the brands list by NMVTIS and include, but are not limited to:
(i) Rebuilt;
(ii) Junk;
(iii) Destroyed;
(iv) Salvage - Damaged;
(v) Salvage - Retention;
(vi) Salvage - Stolen;
(vii) Salvage - Other;
(viii) Flood damage;
(ix) Hail damage;
(x) Saltwater damage;
(xi) Totaled.
(b) Brands from states/jurisdictions not participating in NMVTIS that do not appear on the brands list maintained by NMVTIS (known as "unique brands") will be carried forward on Washington certificates of ownership and registration certificates exactly (or abbreviated if too long) as they appear on the foreign title.
More than one brand may appear on the vehicle registration or certificate of ownership.
(4) Will a brand be applied to destroyed vehicles that have been sold on an out-of-state wrecker or insurance bill of sale, then repaired, and inspected? Yes. Vehicles not reported to DOL as destroyed and then sold using an insurance or wrecker bill of sale in lieu of a certificate of ownership/title, then brought into Washington from another jurisdiction that is not subject to reporting under RCW 46.12.600 repaired, and inspected will be branded. The brand will appear as "repaired-wrecker/insurance bill of sale."
The jurisdiction code will be identified as "WA."
(5) Why is a brand used? A brand is used in the circumstances above for consumer protection. The brand is used to inform any subsequent owners of the current or former condition or use of the vehicle.
(6) Will the department remove a brand? Brands stay on vehicle records indefinitely. The department will only remove a brand if the brand was applied to a Washington certificate of ownership in error; or
(a) If a former rental brand was applied prior to the effective date of this rule, it will remain on the certificate of ownership and/or vehicle registration unless applied in error.
(b) If a nonstandard brand was applied prior to the effective date of this rule, it will remain on the certificate of ownership and/or vehicle registration unless applied in error.
(7) Where are brands located on the documents? Brands are located in the brands section of the certificate of ownership and vehicle registration. Brands will display beginning with Washington issued brands, followed by unique brands, then standard brands. If applicable, "WA REBUILT" will show as a banner across the certificate of ownership.
(8) What is a comment? For the purposes of this section a comment is an indication on the certificate of ownership, vehicle title/registration application or vehicle registration certificate that relates to tax liability, type of ownership, title transaction type.
(9) What comments could the department print on certificates of ownership?
(a) Comments relating to the ownership that include: Bonded, leased, JTWROS.
(b) Comments relating to tax liability that include: Use tax waived - Gift, value code, value year.
(c) Comments relating to the type of title transaction, which include duplicate, and reprint.
(d) Miscellaneous comments that include: Not eligible for road use.
(10) What comments could the department print on vehicle registration certificates? Comments printed on vehicle registration certificates may include, but are not limited to:
(a) "CVSEF PAID" or "commercial vehicle safety enforcement fee paid";
(b) "Because scale weight exceeds gross weight, D.O.T. permit also required";
(c) "Commercial vehicle safety enforcement fee not paid";
(d) "Display tab on back license plate" only - front plate is still required;
(e) "*Check vehicle data base record for actual expiration date";
(f) "Replica";
(g) "Proof of FHVUT verified";
(h) "No title issued" or "no title issued - ownership in doubt";
(i) "Excise exempt NRM";
(j) "Excise exempt Native American";
(k) "Excise exempt van pool";
(l) "Excise exempt rideshare";
(m) "Registration only";
(n) "Prorated gross weight to be more than 16,000";
(o) "Additional owners on record";
(p) "Not eligible for road use";
(q) "Perm plt";
(r) "Use tax waived: Gift";
(s) "Permanent fleet vehicle";
(t) "*Perm";
(u) "Color";
(v) Comments relating to the ownership; bonded, leased, JTWROS, registration only;
(w) Tax liability DAV, Native American, NRM, value code/year, use tax option, rideshare, POW, tax code 95, double transfer;
(x) Title transaction type duplicate, reprint, NTI, dual registration, corrected title data, corrected registration;
(y) Miscellaneous gift, ride, previous plate VIN flag, farm vehicle restrictions, Federal Drug Program (Title 49 C.F.R. Part 382) vehicle color, odometer code, RETURN TO MFG, not eligible for road use (NEFRU), custom vehicle and street rod.
(11) What comments would the department carry forward from other jurisdictions? The department does not carry forward comments assigned by other jurisdictions.
(12) Why are comments used? Comments are used for consumer protection, to inform any subsequent owners and vehicle licensing personnel of the current tax liability, type of ownership, or title transaction type or other pertinent information.
(13) Will the department remove a comment? The department will remove a comment if:
(a) The comment was applied in error; or
(b) The comment no longer applies.
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