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Fundamentals supplemental course.

Washington state applicants not seeking reciprocity who lack the required one hundred twenty hours of home inspection classroom education, but have completed a minimum of eighty hours of department approved classroom instruction can apply to the department for consideration of an approved forty hour supplemental course.
The applicant must provide a copy of their certificate(s) of completion, course outline that includes hours spent on each topic, and proof of testing. The supplemental course and the applicant's previous classroom instruction must meet or exceed the current board approved fundamentals curriculum.
Applicants who have taken home inspection courses must provide proof that they had successfully completed the course not earlier than June 12, 2006.
This rule is effective until June 1, 2010.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.280.050(1) and RCW 18.280.(6) [18.280.060]. WSR 10-04-076, § 308-408B-130, filed 2/1/10, effective 3/4/10.]