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308-33-011  <<  308-33-030 >>   308-33-060

What are the guidelines for establishing fees in employment agency contracts?

(1) The contract must list the fee charged to an applicant under the following headings:
(a) Monthly salary;
(b) Range of agency's fee expressed in dollars; and
(c) Agency's fee as a percentage of the expected monthly salary.
Monthly Salary
Range of Agency's Fee Expressed in Dollars
Agency's Fee as a Percent of
Expected Monthly Compensation
Less than $300.00
Up to $90.00
$300.00 to $349.99
$120.00 to $139.99
$350.00 to $399.99
$175.00 to $199.99
(2) The agency may list the annual salary and agency fee as a percentage of the expected annual salary in addition to column C in the example above.
(3) The contract must contain any additional information concerning fees as required by law.
(4) Agencies cannot indicate, orally or in writing, that their contract and fee schedules are "approved" or in any way "recommended" by the state. However, they can indicate their contracts are "approved for use."
(5) An example of contract terms acceptable to the director are available upon request.
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