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Chapter 296-79 WAC


WAC Sections

Scope and application.
General requirements.
Guards and guarding.
Fire protection, ignition sources and means of egress.
Personal protection clothing and equipment.
Elevators, manlifts and other lifting devices.
Electrical equipment and distribution.
Floors, platforms, stairways, ladders, loading docks.
Elevated runways and ramps used by vehicles.
Scaffolds, construction, use and maintenance.
Crossovers, aisles, passages.
Installation, inspection, and maintenance of pipes, piping systems, and hoses.
Powered industrial trucks and other equipment.
Requirements for cranes and hoists—See general safety and health standards (chapter 296-24 WAC, Part D).
Requirements for crawler and truck cranes.
Privately owned standard gauge railroad operations.
Loading and unloading materials from railway cars or trucks.
Bridge and dock plates.
For conveyors, maintenance and inspection.
Deactivating and lockout requirements.
Confined spaces.
Storage of fuel, oil, flammables and chemicals.
Safety procedure for handling sulfur.
Pulpwood storage and handling.
Pulpwood preparation.
Log hauls, slips, and carriages.
Band saws.
Circular saws speeds and repairs.
Slasher saws-tables.
Circular swing saws.
Drag saws—Fixed chain saws—Circular cut-off saws.
Construction and use of pulpwood splitters.
Chip and hog fuel storage.
Stock preparation and reprocessing.
Digester valves and piping.
Warning of digester being blown.
Unplugging quick lime stoppages.
Bleach plant.
Audible alarm in bleach plant.
Pocket grinder doors.
Pulping device procedures.
Off machine repulping devices.
Pulping device cleaning, inspection and repairing.
Shredders and blowers.
Clearing shredder jams.
Guillotine type roll splitters.
Broke hole.
Industrial kiln guns and ammunition.
Chlorine dioxide system.
Piling and unpiling pulp.
Chocking rolls.
Machine room equipment and procedures.
Converting operations (bag and container manufacturing, printing, coating, finishing and related processes).
General requirements for converting operations (bag and container manufacturing, printing, coating, finishing and related processes).
Die cutting.
Sulfite recovery furnace area requirements.
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