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Third-party action on a self-insured claim.

What must a self-insurer send to the department when there is a third-party action?
When there is a third-party action, in addition to fulfilling the statutory requirements, the self-insurer must send the department copies of:
Upon notification
Written indication of the worker's election.
After recovery of damages
1. Signed settlement agreement or court order; and
2. Total amount of attorney fees and costs; and
3. Total amount of benefits paid, including TL, PPD, and medical, excluding payments for IMEs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.32.190(6), 51.32.055 (8)(a) and (9)(a). WSR 98-24-121, § 296-15-495, filed 12/2/98, effective 1/2/99.]