Cross appeals.

Within twenty days of receipt of notification of granting an appeal in cases arising under the Industrial Insurance Act, the worker or the employer, as the case may be, may file a cross appeal with the board from the order of the department from which the original appeal was taken. The contents of such cross appeal shall be in accord with the applicable portions of WAC 263-12-050.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. WSR 91-13-038, § 263-12-075, filed 6/14/91, effective 7/15/91; Order 7, § 263-12-075, filed 4/4/75; Order 4, § 263-12-075, filed 6/9/72; General Order 3, Rule 5.6, filed 10/29/65; General Order 2, Rule 5.3, filed 6/12/63. Formerly WAC 296-12-075.]
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