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Chapter 260-40 WAC


WAC Sections

Nominations and scratches.
Entry prerequisite to start.
Racing secretary to receive entries and nominations.
Making entries and nominations.
Authority to represent owner.
Ownership interest required—Entries and nominations.
Jockey to be named at the time of entry.
Multiple entries.
Description and identification of horse.
Required to declare weight, medication, and required equipment changes at the time of entry.
Registration certificate.
Performance records.
Workouts and identification.
Horse must be in care of and saddled by a licensed trainer.
Identification prerequisite to start.
Horses must be on the grounds prior to racing.
Horse must be eligible to start at time of entry.
Prohibiting entry of certain horses.
The effect of wins on eligibility.
Horse owned or managed by disqualified person.
Horse on starter's schooling list.
Horse on veterinarian's list.
Reporting alteration of sex.
Withdrawal, change, of unclosed race.
Race declared off—Split of overnight race.
Subscription to sweepstakes.
Entrance, nomination, and starting fees.
Refunds when stake race declared off.
Closing time for entries and nominations.
Number of entries and starters.
Alterations, corrections, after closing.
Postponement from day to day.
Impaired horses.
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