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Chapter 257-05 WAC


WAC Sections

What is the purpose of WAC 257-05-020 through 257-05-240?
What definitions apply to WAC 257-05-020 through 257-05-240?
What is safety training?
What content must be included in safety training?
Is competency testing required for safety training?
Is there a challenge test for safety training?
When does a safety training attestation form need to be completed?
What does an individual provider do with the attestation form?
Who maintains the attestation form?
What documentation is required for classroom-based safety training?
Who is required to complete safety training and when must it be completed?
How often must safety training be completed?
Is there an alternative to safety training for some providers?
Does successful completion of safety training meet DSHS continuing education requirements for individual providers?
Will DSHS deny payment of an individual provider who does not complete safety training?
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