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Chapter 246-847 WAC


WAC Sections

Persons exempt from the definition of an occupational therapy aide.
Occupational therapists acting in a consulting capacity. (Effective until August 1, 2018)
Recognized educational programsOccupational therapists.
Recognized educational programsOccupational therapy assistants.
Military equivalence.
Initial application for individuals who have never practiced occupational therapy.
Continued competency.
Suicide assessment training standards.
Expired license.
Inactive credential.
Proof of actual practice.
Examination dates for applicants under RCW 18.59.070(3). (Effective until August 1, 2018)
Persons exempt from licensure pursuant to RCW 18.59.040(5).
Limited permits.
Temporary permitsIssuance and duration pursuant to RCW 18.130.075.
Applicants from unrecognized educational programs.
Applicants currently licensed in other states or territories.
Standards of supervision.
Supervised fieldwork experienceOccupational therapists.
Supervised fieldwork experienceOccupational therapy assistants.
Unprofessional conduct or gross incompetency.
Code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.
Mandatory reporting.
AIDS education and training.
Unprofessional conductSexual misconduct.
Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
Terms used in WAC 246-847-340 through 246-847-370.
Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Occupational therapy fees and renewal cycle.
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