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Last Update: 9/30/15

Chapter 246-834 WAC


WAC Sections

Examination requirements for licensure as a midwife.
Initial application requirements for licensure as a midwife.
Application for examination—Out-of-state education.
Certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure requirements.
Preceptor for certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure program.
Trainee permit for certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure program.
Release of examination results.
Purpose of accreditation of midwifery educational programs.
Philosophy, purpose and objectives of an accredited midwifery educational program.
Advisory body.
Learning sites.
Staffing and teacher qualifications.
Student midwife permit.
Reports to the department of health by accredited midwifery educational programs.
Application for accreditation.
School survey visits.
Appeal of department of health decisions.
Closure of an accredited school of midwifery.
Midwife-in-training program, credit toward educational requirements for licensure.
Midwife-in-training (MIT) programPreceptor qualifications.
Trainee permit for midwife-in-training program.
Legend drugs and devices.
General provisions.
Mandatory reporting.
Health care institutions.
Midwifery associations or societies.
Health care service contractors and disability insurance carriers.
Professional liability carriers.
State and federal agencies.
Expired license.
Midwifery fees and renewal cycle.