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Last Update: 5/31/13

Chapter 246-826 WAC


WAC Sections

Delegation of functions to health care assistants.
Supervision of health care assistants.
Certification of health care assistants.
Renewal of health care assistants.
Department of health responsibilities.
Maintenance of listing of drugs and functions authorized.
Medication, diagnostic agent, and vaccine list.
Health care assistant classification.
Qualified trainer.
Provision of health care assistants training.
Category A minimum requirements.
Category B minimum requirements.
Category C minimum requirements.
Category D minimum requirements.
Category E minimum requirements.
Category F minimum requirements.
Hospital or nursing home drug injection.
Intravenous medications flow restrictions.
AIDS prevention and information education requirements—Health care assistants.
Hemodialysis technician, category G minimum requirements to perform hemodialysis.
Minimum training standards for mandatory hemodialysis technician training programs.
Minimum standards of practice and core competencies of hemodialysis technicians.
Health care assistant fees and renewal cycle.