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Chapter 246-310 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose of certificate of need program.
Applicability of chapter 246-310 WAC.
Tertiary services identification.
Exemptions from requirements for a certificate of need for health maintenance organizations.
Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for continuing care retirement communities' nursing home projects.
Rural hospital and rural health care facility exemptions from certificate of need review.
Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for nursing home bed conversions to alternative use.
Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for nursing home bed replacements.
Exemption from certificate of need requirements for a change in bed capacity at a residential hospice care center.
Applicability determination.
Letter of intent.
Submission and withdrawal of applications.
Amendment of certificate of need applications.
Categories of review.
Concurrent review process.
Nursing home concurrent review cycles.
Open heart surgery concurrent review cycle.
Ethnic minority nursing home bed poolConsiderations for review of applications.
Emergency review process.
Expedited review process.
Regular review process.
Notification of beginning of review.
Public hearings.
Ex parte contacts.
Bases for findings and action on applications.
Determination of need.
Determination of financial feasibility.
Criteria for structure and process of care.
Determination of cost containment.
Kidney transplantation.
Open heart surgery standards and need forecasting method.
Pediatric cardiac surgery and interventional treatment center standards and need forecasting method.
Ambulatory surgery.
Hospice servicesStandards and need forecasting method.
Hospice care centerStandards.
Nursing home bed need method.
Nursing home bed need method revision.
Nursing home bed need standards.
Nursing home bed need adjustments.
Nursing home bed banking for alternative use notice requirements.
Nursing home bed banking requirements for full facility closure.
Nursing home bed replacement notice requirements.
Swing bed review standards.
Review and action on health maintenance organization projects.
Projects proposed for the correction of deficiencies.
Written findings and actions on certificate of need applications.
Issuance, suspension, denial, revocation, and transfer of a certificate of need.
Provision for reconsideration decision.
Circumstances for which an amended certificate of need is required.
Validity and extensions.
Monitoring of approved projects.
Withdrawal of a certificate of need.
Adjudicative proceeding.
Adult elective percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) without on-site cardiac surgery.
PCI definitions.
Concurrent review.
General requirements.
Hospital volume standards.
Physician volume standards.
Staffing requirements.
Partnering agreements.
Quality assurance.
Need forecasting methodology.
Ongoing compliance with standards.
Kidney disease treatment centersDefinitions.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesData reporting requirements.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesConcurrent review cycles.
One-time exempt isolation station reconciliation.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesMethodology.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesFinancial feasibility.
Special circumstances one- or two-station expansionEligibility criteria and application process.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesStandards for planning areas without an existing facility.
Kidney disease treatment centersExceptions.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesSuperiority criteria.
Kidney disease treatment facilitiesRelocation of facilities.
One-time state border kidney dialysis facility station relocation.
Capital expenditure minimum adjustment procedures.
Certificate of need review fees.
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