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Chapter 246-243 WAC


WAC Sections

Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.
Conducting industrial radiography operations.
Equipment performance requirements.
Labeling, storage, and transportation.
Records of receipt and transfer of sealed sources.
Radiation safety officer for industrial radiography.
Internal inspection program and training.
Locking of radiographic exposure devices.
Storage precautions.
Radiation survey instruments.
Leak testing, repair, tagging, opening, modification, and replacement of sealed sources.
Quarterly inventory.
Utilization logs.
Inspection and maintenance of radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment, source changers, and survey instruments.
Limitations—Personal radiation safety requirements for radiographers and radiographers' assistants.
Operating and emergency procedures.
Copies of operating and emergency procedures.
Personnel monitoring control.
Supervision of radiographers' assistants.
Security—Precautionary procedures in radiographic operations.
Radiation surveys and survey records.
Records required at temporary job sites.
Form of records.
Temporary job site notification.
Special requirements for permanent radiographic installation.
Appendix A—Minimum subjects to be covered in training radiographers.
Appendix B—General guidelines for inspection of radiography equipment.
Appendix C—Radiographer certification.
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