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Counseling standard—AIDS counseling.

(1) Principal health care providers providing care to a pregnant woman who intends to continue the pregnancy and is not seeking care to terminate the pregnancy or as a result of a terminated pregnancy shall:
(a) Provide or ensure the provision of AIDS counseling as defined in WAC 246-100-011(2);
(b) When ordering or prescribing an HIV test, obtain the informed consent of the pregnant woman for confidential human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing, separately or as part of the consent for a battery of other routine tests provided that the pregnant woman is specifically informed verbally or in writing that a test for HIV is included;
(c) Offer the pregnant woman an opportunity to ask questions and decline testing;
(d) Order or prescribe HIV testing if the pregnant woman consents;
(e) If the pregnant woman refuses to consent, discuss and address her reasons for refusal and document in the medical record both her refusal and the provision of education on the benefits of HIV testing; and
(f) If an HIV test is positive for or suggestive of HIV infection, provide the follow-up and reporting as required by WAC 246-100-209.
(2) Health care providers may obtain a sample brochure addressing the elements of subsection (1) of this section by contacting the department of health's HIV prevention program at P.O. Box 47840, Olympia, WA 98504-7840.
(3) Principal health care providers shall counsel or ensure AIDS counseling as defined in WAC 246-100-011(2) and offer and encourage HIV testing for each patient seeking treatment of a sexually transmitted disease.
(4) Drug treatment programs under chapter 70.96A RCW shall provide or ensure provision of AIDS counseling as defined in WAC 246-100-011(2) for each person in a drug treatment program.
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