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Director or his/her designee is empowered to grant wildlife control operator certifications.

For purposes of training individuals to assist landowners with employing nonlethal management techniques, or to harass, kill, trap, release, and dispatch animals that are causing damage to private property, the director or his/her designee may issue wildlife control operator (WCO) certifications.
(1) To qualify for WCO certification, applicants must:
(a) Be at least eighteen years of age;
(b) Take and complete the department's WCO certifications course;
(c) Be certified by the department and have the equipment, knowledge, and ability to control the wildlife species causing conflict or property damage;
(d) Be legally eligible to possess a firearm and without a felony or domestic violence conviction including, but not limited to, convictions under chapter 9.41 RCW, unless firearm possession rights have been restored;
(e) Not have a gross misdemeanor fish and wildlife conviction within the last five years; and
(f) Pay the enrollment fee for each certification training/education. After July 1, 2010, this fee shall be fifty dollars (RCW 77.12.184) per certification.
(2) Once a person is granted WCO certification, he or she must apply for a permit pursuant to WAC 232-36-065 in order to harass, kill, trap, release, or dispatch animals causing damage to private property.
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