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WAC 232-12-141

Agency filings affecting this section

Wild animal trapping.

(1) The trapping season authorizes the taking of furbearing animals for their hides and pelts only. Furbearers may not be taken from the wild and held alive for sale or personal use without a special permit pursuant to WAC 232-12-064.
(2) Any wildlife trapped for which the season is not open shall be released unharmed. Any wildlife that cannot be released unharmed must be left in the trap, and the department of fish and wildlife must be notified immediately.
(3) Lawfully trapped wild animals must be lethally dispatched or immediately released. A firearm may be used to dispatch trapped animals.
(4) It is unlawful to trap for wild animals:
(a) With body-gripping traps, EXCEPT as provided for in subsection (b).
(b) Conibear-type traps in water, nonstrangling foot snares, and padded foot-hold traps may be used for the following purposes with a permit issued by the director:
(i) To protect public health and safety, in consultation with the department of social and health services or the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
(ii) To abate damages caused to private property, domestic animals, livestock or timber, that cannot be reasonably abated by nonlethal control tools. Any person requesting a damage control permit must apply in writing, stating the threat or damages, the nonlethal control methods attempted or why they cannot be applied, and agree to use the above traps for no more than thirty days under the permit granted.
(iii) To protect threatened or endangered species, if such traps are used by department employees or agents.
(iv) To conduct wildlife research, EXCEPT that Conibear-type traps are prohibited for this purpose.
(c) Unless kill traps are checked and animals removed within seventy-two hours.
(d) Unless animals captured in restraining traps (any nonkilling set) are removed within twenty-four hours of capture.
(e) Using game birds, game fish or game animals for bait, except nonedible parts of game birds, game fish or game animals may be used as bait.
(f) Within thirty feet of any exposed meat bait or nonedible game parts which are visible to flying raptors.
(5) Game bird feathers may be used as an attractor.
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