Chapter 232-12 WAC

Last Update: 8/19/14


WAC Sections

Definition of terms.
Fish and wildlife commission members' recusal requirements for commissioners with beneficial interests in certain commission decisions and transactions.
Classification of wild birds.
Predatory birds.
Classification of wild animals.
Wildlife classified as protected shall not be hunted or fished.
Wildlife classified as endangered species.
Nonnative aquatic species.
Deleterious exotic wildlife.
Aquatic nuisance species.
Classification of game fish.
Importation and retention of dead nonresident wildlife.
Requirements for sealing of pelts and collection of biological information for river otter, cougar, lynx, and bobcat.
Depredation hunts.
Game farm license provisions.
Game farm invoice requirements.
Acquisition of wildlife by game farmer.
Shooting preserves—Licensing—Permits—Operations.
Permit for holding field trials.
Use of game birds for training dogs, field trials—Marking requirements.
Hunting equipment restrictions.
Unlawful methods for hunting.
Muzzleloading firearms.
Archery requirements.
Hunting—Hunter orange clothing requirements.
Hunting with aid of aircraft, boats or other vehicles.
Tagging requirements.
Party hunting.
Live wildlife—Facility, fencing, and marking requirements.
Live wildlife—Taking from the wild, importation, possession, transfer, and holding in captivity.
Revocation, modification, or suspension of a permit to hold wild animals, wild birds, or game fish in captivity.
Sale of fish and wildlife by zoos and aquariums.
Nontoxic shot requirements.
Buying or selling game unlawful—Game-farmed meat exception.
Eastern Washington pheasant enhancement—Funding level determination.
Master hunter permit program.
Wildlife taken by another.
Checking stations—Inspection of game and licenses.
Collection of sampling data—Unlawful acts.
Emergency rule criteria.
Requirements to possess Indian caught anadromous game fish or roe.
Commercial buying and processing of anadromous game fish or roe.
Records for purchase and receipt of anadromous game fish and roe.
Transportation of anadromous game fish and roe.
Report required of licensed trappers.
Wild animal trapping.
Special trapping permit—Use of body-gripping traps.
Juvenile fishing waters.
Fishing near dams—Department facilities.
Northern squawfish sport-reward fishery Columbia and Snake rivers.
Fishing contests.
Hunting contests.
Domestic animals on department lands.
Vehicles using department lands.
Livestock grazing on department of fish and wildlife lands.
Duplicate licenses, tags, etc.—Rules for issuance.
Hunter education training program requirements.
Hunter education deferral.
Hunting restrictions.
Public safety cougar removals.
Colville Indian Reservation—Prohibiting the taking or hunting of big game and grouse and trapping of furbearers.
Transmission lines—Unlawful hunting.
Removal of minerals, wood and artifacts from department lands.
Tribal hunting—Medicine Creek Treaty hunters—Enforcement policy.
Discharge of litter on department lands—Unlawful.
Use of decoys and calls.
Live decoys unlawful—Waterfowl and wild turkey.
Baiting of game birds—Unlawful.
Field identification of wildlife—Evidence of sex—Definitions.
Criteria for planting aquatic plants and releasing wildlife.
Juvenile fishing events.
Definitions—Oiled-wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation permits.
Taxidermy and furdealing records.
Bighorn sheep—Marking requirements.
Reducing the spread of hoof diseaseUnlawful transport of elk hooves.
Possession of dead wildlife.
Official hunting hours for game animals and forest grouse.
Official hunting hours for game birds—Migratory game birds, upland birds, and wild turkeys.
Hunting before or after hours.
Bald eagle protection rules.
Endangered, threatened, and sensitive wildlife species classification.
Hunt or possess big game without an access permit.
Hunt or possess a wild animal or wild bird without an access permit.
Definition of Eastern and Western Washington.
Special use permits.
Definition of a person with a disability.
Hunting of game birds and animals by persons with a disability.
Waters in which either a personal use freshwater or personal use saltwater fishing license is valid.
Hunting and fishing opportunities for terminally ill persons.
Wildlife rehabilitation permits—Requirements and restrictions.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Responsibilities of primary permittees and subpermittees.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Permit revocation, modification, or suspension.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Facility requirements and inspections—On- and off-site care.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Releasing wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Veterinary care.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Records retention and reporting requirements.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Falconers assisting with raptor rehabilitation.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Transfer, import, and export of wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Possession of dead wildlife and wildlife parts.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposition of nonreleasable and habituated, imprinted, and tamed wildlife.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Euthanizing protected, threatened, or endangered wildlife and migratory birds.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Disposing of wildlife remains.
Wildlife rehabilitation—Prohibition on commercial uses.
Oiled bird rehabilitation—Facility requirements.
Reporting receipt, death, carcass retention, and release of oiled birds.