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Chapter 222-20 WAC


WAC Sections

Applications and notifications—Policy.
Multiyear permits.
Small forest landowner long-term applications.
*Applications that include forest practices hydraulic projects.
Application time limits.
Delivery of notifications and applications—Receipts—File numbers.
*Approval conditions.
Conversion of forest land to nonforest use.
Conversion option harvest plans.
Notice of conversion to nonforestry use.
Continuing forest land obligations.
Deviation from prior application or notification.
Emergency forest practices.
*Exotic forest insect or disease outbreaks.
Application and notification expiration.
*Options for filing applications and preapplication consultation for forest practices hydraulic projects.
Notice to parks and DAHP.
Notice of forest practices to cities and towns.
Notice of forest practices that may contain cultural resources to affected Indian tribes.
Notice and administration in CRGNSA special management area.
Reviser's note: For an explanation of the rules marked with an asterisk (*), see WAC 222-12-010.
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