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Chapter 220-413 WAC


WAC Sections

Hunting before or after hours.
Tagging requirements.
Importation and retention of dead nonresident wildlife.
Party hunting.
Checking stations—Inspection of game and licenses.
Hunting restrictions.
Hunting with aid of aircraft, boats or other vehicles.
Transmission lines—Unlawful hunting.
Field identification of wildlife—Evidence of sex—Definitions.
Mandatory report of hunting activity.
Hunt or possess big game without an access permit.
Hunt or possess a wild animal or wild bird without an access permit.
Hunting of game birds and animals by persons with a disability.
Colville Indian Reservation—Prohibiting the taking or hunting of big game and grouse and trapping of furbearers.
Tribal hunting—Medicine Creek Treaty hunters—Enforcement policy.
Special closures and firearm restriction areas.
Electronic treeing switches.
Reducing the spread of hoof diseaseUnlawful transport of elk hooves.
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