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Chapter 220-370 WAC


WAC Sections

Aquaculture districts.
Aquatic farm—Definition.
Definitions—Aquaculture disease control.
Aquatic farm registration required.
Aquatic farm registration form—Required information.
Aquaculture facility inspection authority—Generally.
Marine finfish aquaculture—Approval permit for marine finfish aquaculture.
Marine finfish aquaculture—Escape prevention plan required.
Marine finfish aquaculture—Escape reporting and recapture plan required.
Aquaculture facility inspection authority—Marine finfish aquaculture.
Marine finfish aquaculture—Atlantic salmon watch program established.
Marine finfish aquaculture—Educational program for marine finfish aquatic farmers.
Duties of aquatic farmers.
Description of aquatic farm production report.
Finfish aquaculture disease control.
Shellfish aquaculture disease control.
Amphibian aquaculture disease control.
Marine plant aquaculture disease control.
Kelp importation—Permit requiredDisease control.
Aquaculture disease control—Emergency provisions.
Aquaculture fee schedule.
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