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Chapter 220-356 WAC


WAC Sections

Willapa Bay—Forage fish.
Grays Harbor—Seasons and lawful gear—Forage fish.
Ocean forage fish.
Coastal sardine purse seine fisheryHarvest, landing, and reporting requirementsGear.
Puget Sound forage fish commercial fisheriesGeneral provisions.
Puget Sound herring, anchovy and smelt commercial fisheriesDrag seine.
Puget Sound herring and anchovy commercial fisheriesPurse seine.
Puget Sound herring and anchovy commercial fisheriesDip bag net.
Herring, anchovy and smelt fishing—Lampara.
Herring, anchovy and smelt fishing—Otter trawl and gillnet.
Herring and anchovySeasonsLawful gearPurposes.
Herring, anchovy and pilchard fishing—Live boxes—Identification.
Herring hardship validations, qualifications and conditions—Individual or operator.
Herring hardship validations—Resort or marina—Owner or operator.
Smelt and herring for zoo food.
Herring reporting.
Spawn on kelp licenses (SOK license)Applications.
Spawn on kelp license (SOK license) contract conditions.
Puget Sound smelt commercial fisherySeasons.
Puget Sound smelt commercial fisheryWeekly periods.
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