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Chapter 220-354 WAC


WAC Sections

Lawful and unlawful acts—Salmon.
Unlawful actsSalmon possession and transport.
Sale and purchase of commercial caught salmon.
CarriersTransporting packaged salmon.
Limited participation salmon net fisheries.
Closed areasTroll line gear.
Closed areas—Grays Harbor and tributaries.
Puget Sound salmonClosed areas.
Puget Sound salmonQuick reporting.
Puget Sound salmonLawful gearPurse seine.
Puget Sound salmonSpecial purse seine mesh size.
Puget Sound salmonPurse seineOpen periods.
Purse seineRelease of incidentally caught fish.
Puget Sound salmonLawful gearGillnet.
Puget Sound salmonGillnetDaily hours.
Puget Sound salmonGillnetOpen periods.
Puget Sound salmonLawful gearReef nets.
Puget Sound salmonReef net open periods.
Puget Sound salmonNet seasonsTime.
Puget Sound salmonBeach seineEmerging commercial fisheryEligibilityLawful gear.
Puget Sound salmonBeach seineOpen periods.
Willapa Bay salmon—Seasons and lawful gear.
Willapa Bay salmon—Gillnet gear specifications.
Willapa Bay salmonSummer fishery.
Willapa Bay salmon fall fishery.
Grays Harbor salmon gear.
Grays Harbor salmonGillnet gear specifications.
Grays Harbor salmon—Summer fishery.
Grays Harbor salmon fall fishery.
Coastal salmon troll seasonsCommercial.
Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—Drayton Harbor.
Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—San Juan Island.
Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Puget Sound—Area 7A salmon fishery separation lines.
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