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Chapter 220-20 WAC


WAC Sections

General definitionsResidency.
Oregon-Washington commercial license reciprocity.
General rulesFish.
Food fish and shellfish taken by another.
Unlawful sale of food fish and shellfish.
Unlawful possession and sale of unclassified marine invertebrates.
Lawful and unlawful actsSalmon.
Sale and purchase of commercial caught salmon.
Requirement to provide sales documents.
General provisionsLawful and unlawful actsFood fish other than salmon.
Sale of commercially caught sturgeon, bottomfish and halibut.
General provisionsShellfish.
Sale of commercially caught shellfish.
Live fish—Import and transfer.
General provisionsRearing and planting food fish.
Scientific collection permits.
Display of registration, salmon guide, and angler permit decals.
Vessel designation requirements.
Commercial fishing license transferNotarization.
Commercial licensingBusiness organizationsOperator designation.
Recreational fisheries enhancement accountFunding.
License salesDishonored check and credit card transaction penalties.
Sale under a direct retail endorsement.
General provisionsMarine protected areas.
Fish and wildlife enforcement officer relief from active duty procedure.
Watchable wildlife program.
Aquatic use of chemicals.
Gaffing and use of other body-penetrating devicesPersonal use.
General rulesCommercial fishery.
General gear rulesCommercial fishery.
General rulesFishReporting.
Possession of food fish and shellfishIdentificationCommercial.
Possession of a net aboard a vesselCommercial fishery.
Testing commercial fishing gear.
Placing commercial gear in closed watersUnlawful.
Commercial sturgeon fisheryGillnetLower Columbia, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay.
Gaffing and use of other body-penetrating devicesCommercial.
Commercial Pacific halibut fisherySeasons, gear, possession, and landing requirements.
Combined fish guide license.
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