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Last Update: 12/19/13

Chapter 220-16 WAC


WAC Sections

Definition—Adult salmon.
Definitions—Fishing gear.
General definitions—Trawl gear.
Definitions—Brush weir.
Definitions—Dip bag net.
Definitions—Drag seine.
Definitions—Drift gillnet—Drift net.
Definitions—Skiff gillnet—Skiff net.
Definitions—Commercial jig.
Definitions—Purse seine.
Definitions—Reef net.
Definitions—Ring net.
Definitions—Set line.
Definitions—Set net.
Definitions—Shellfish pot.
Definitions—Shellfish dive gear.
Definitions—Hand held tool.
Definitions—Snag line.
Definitions—Snag net.
Definitions—Trammel net.
Definitions—Troll line.
Troll spread.
Definitions—Herring rake.
Definitions—Bottomfish pot.
Geographical definitions—District 1.
Geographical definitions—District 2.
Geographical definitions—Puget Sound.
Geographical definitions—Puget Sound tributaries.
Geographical definitions—Grays Harbor.
Geographical definitions—Willapa Bay.
Geographical definitions—Columbia River.
Geographical definitions—Coastal waters.
Geographical definitions—River mouths.
Geographical definitions—Mile measurement.
Razor clam beds.
Puget Sound Crab Management Regions.
Geographical definitions—Lopez Island shrimp fishing area.
Puget Sound Shrimp Districts.
Geographical definitions—Deep River (Wahkiakum County).
General definitions—Personal use.
General definitions—Commercial purposes.
General definitions—Net length measurement.
General definitions—Net mesh measurement.
General definitions—Fish length measurement.
General definitions—Dressed fish.
General definitions—Spawning salmon.
General definitions—Bottomfish.
General definitions—Time.
General definitions—Jack salmon.
General definitions—Soft-shelled crab.
General definitions—Bait purposes.
General definitions—Sac-roe herring purposes.
Westport Boat Basin.
English Camp Tidelands.
Buoy 13 line.
Definition—Lower Columbia River.
Definition—Extenuating circumstances.
Explosive substance.
Spawn on kelp.
San Juan Islands Marine Preserve Area.
Light 26 Line.
Titlow Beach Marine Preserve Area.
Forage fish.
Sund Rock Conservation Area.
Bonilla-Tatoosh Line.
Octopus Hole Conservation Area.
Orchard Rocks Conservation Area.
Anadromous waters.
City of Des Moines Park Conservation Area.
South 239th Street Park Conservation Area.
Brackett's Landing Shoreline Sanctuary Conservation Area.
Colvos Passage Marine Preserve Area.
Waketickeh Creek Conservation Area.
Saltar's Point Beach Conservation Area.
Keystone Conservation Area.
Admiralty Head Marine Preserve.
Z's Reef Marine Preserve.
Hardshell clam.
In a wild state.
Golden Gardens Marine Preserve.
Carkeek Park Marine Preserve.
Lincoln Park Marine Preserve.
Discovery Park Marine Preserve.
Emma Schmitz Marine Preserve.
Richey Viewpoint Marine Preserve.
Saltwater State Park Marine Preserve.