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(Effective until July 1, 2015.)

WAC 220-110-331

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Aquatic plant removal and control technical provisions.

WAC 220-110-332 through 220-110-338 set forth technical provisions that shall apply to hydraulic projects that control or remove aquatic plants. Aquatic plant removal and control methods include physical, mechanical, biological and chemical control methods. Often the best approach to aquatic plant control and removal is through the development of a vegetation management plan. A vegetation management plan is a comprehensive approach to control of aquatic plants where all forms of control strategies are considered and usually some combination of techniques is selected and implemented in a planned manner. These plans are based on the idea that decisions should be centered upon an understanding of the biology and ecology of the aquatic plant to be controlled and the environmental characteristics of the site. Integrated vegetation management planning is encouraged at all times to comprehensively address aquatic plant problems for a watercourse. Certain technical provisions shall be required depending upon the individual proposal and site specific characteristics. Additional special provisions may be included, as necessary to address site-specific conditions. Those provisions, where applicable, shall be contained in the HPA (pamphlet or individual), as necessary to protect fish life. HPAs shall have specific time limitations on project activities to protect fish life. Information concerning timing shall be included with the pamphlet HPA. Saltwater provisions may be applied to tidally influenced areas upstream of river mouths and the mainstem Columbia River downstream of Bonneville Dam where applicable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 75.08.080. WSR 97-13-001 (Order 97-84), ยง 220-110-331, filed 6/4/97, effective 7/5/97.]