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(Effective until July 1, 2015.)

WAC 220-110-330

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Marinas in saltwater areas.

Marina construction projects shall incorporate mitigation measures as necessary to achieve no-net-loss of productive capacity of fish and shellfish habitat. The following technical provisions apply to marina projects. In addition, these projects shall comply with technical provisions and timing restrictions in WAC 220-110-240 through 220-110-320 except WAC 220-110-285.
(1) The construction of marinas is prohibited on or over Pacific herring spawning beds and lingcod and rockfish settlement and nursery areas.
(2) Marinas shall be designed, located, and constructed to avoid adverse impacts to surf smelt, Pacific sand lance, and rock sole spawning beds, and eelgrass (Zostera spp).
(3) Open-type construction, utilizing floating breakwaters and open pile work, shall be used whenever practicable.
(4) Physical modeling, numerical models, or other information that demonstrates adequate water exchange and circulation may be required.
(5) All navigation channels and breaches shall be maintained at or below marina depth to provide adequate fish passage.
(6) Isolated breakwaters beyond the line of extreme low tide shall be constructed of permanent material. No slope restrictions apply.
(7) The following provisions apply to marina construction shoreward of the existing ordinary high water line:
(a) A single entrance may be required.
(b) The entire inner shoreline shall be in conformance with bulkheading provisions in WAC 220-110-280.
(8) The following provisions apply to marina construction waterward of the ordinary high water line:
(a) The beach area inside the marina may be protected in accordance with bulkheading provisions in WAC 220-110-280. Between the elevation of the toe of the bulkhead and MLLW the beach face shall not exceed a slope of 1.5 feet horizontal to one foot vertical.
(b) For a single entrance or breach marina, the breakwater structure shall not exceed a 1.5 feet horizontal to one foot vertical slope inside and outside the marina.
(c) The following provisions apply when a marina includes breaches that form shore breakwaters (jetties) and detached breakwaters:
(i) The toe of the shore breakwaters (jetties) may extend seaward to MLLW, but shall not extend seaward more than 250 feet from MHHW.
(ii) The shore breakwaters shall have a minimum slope of 1.5 feet horizontal to 1 foot vertical throughout.
(iii) The breaches between the shore breakwaters and the detached breakwaters shall be not less than 20 feet in width measured at the toe of the slope.
(d) Boathouses, houseboats, and covered moorages shall not be located landward of -10 feet MLLW.
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