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(Effective until July 1, 2015.)

WAC 220-110-031

Agency filings affecting this section

Pamphlet hydraulic project approvals—Procedures.

(1) In those instances where a pamphlet is the equivalent of a hydraulic project approval (HPA) as defined in WAC 220-110-020(53), a person shall obtain a pamphlet HPA issued by the department, which identifies and authorizes specific minor hydraulic project activities before conducting a hydraulic project.
(2) You may submit requests for pamphlet HPAs to the department verbally or in writing.
(3) The department may grant exceptions to a pamphlet HPA if you apply for a written HPA as described in WAC 220-110-030, or for supplemental approvals to the Aquatic Plants and Fish pamphlet HPA as defined in WAC 220-110-020(53) and 220-110-020(96). Exceptions to a pamphlet HPA shall require written authorization by the department.
(4) You may submit applications for Aquatic Plants and Fish pamphlet supplemental approvals verbally or in writing to the department.
(a) Your supplemental approval application shall specify the requested exception or request for additional authorization and shall include your name, address and phone number. You shall sign and date written applications.
(b) The department shall grant or deny a request for a supplemental approval within forty-five calendar days of the receipt of a request for supplemental approval.
(5) Except as provided in WAC 220-110-201, you shall have the pamphlet HPA, and any supplemental approvals to it on the job site when work is being conducted and shall make them immediately available for inspection upon request.
(6) Pamphlet HPAs do not exempt you from obtaining other appropriate permits and following the rules and regulations of local, federal, and other Washington state agencies.
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