Chapter 220-110 WAC

Last Update: 3/11/13


WAC Sections

Hydraulic project approvals—Procedures.
Pamphlet hydraulic project approvals—Procedures.
Modification of technical provisions.
Miscellaneous hydraulic projects—Permit requirements and exemptions.
Freshwater technical provisions.
Bank protection.
Construction of freshwater docks, piers, and floats and the driving or removal of piling.
Water crossing structures.
Channel change/realignment.
Integration of hydraulic project approvals and forest practices applications.
Conduit crossing.
Temporary bypass culvert, flume, or channel.
Dredging in freshwater areas.
Gravel removal.
Large woody material removal or repositioning.
Felling and yarding of timber.
Outfall structures.
Pond construction.
Water diversions.
Mineral prospecting.
Mineral prospecting without timing restrictions.
Mineral prospecting with timing restrictions.
Authorized work times and mineral prospecting equipment restrictions by specific state waters for mineral prospecting and placer mining projects.
Freshwater lake bulkheads.
Freshwater boat hoists, ramps, and launches.
Saltwater technical provisions.
Tidal reference areas.
Saltwater habitats of special concern.
Common saltwater technical provisions.
Prohibited work times in saltwater areas.
Bulkheads and bank protection in saltwater areas (nonsingle family residence).
Single-family residence bulkheads in saltwater areas.
Saltwater boat ramps and launches.
Saltwater piers, pilings, docks, floats, rafts, ramps, boathouses, houseboats, and associated moorings.
Utility lines.
Dredging in saltwater areas.
Marinas in saltwater areas.
Aquatic plant removal and control technical provisions.
Hand removal or control.
Bottom barriers or screens.
Weed rolling.
Mechanical harvesting and cutting.
Aquatic plant dredging.
Water level manipulation.
Informal appeal of administrative actions.
Formal appeal of administrative actions.