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WAC 200-310-055

Agency filings affecting this section

Preference for correctional industries Class II products.

The following provisions outline purchase requirements for correctional industries, Class II goods and services:
(1) Correctional industries will identify the goods and services available for purchase through the office of state procurement and confirm the same in writing to the director of the department of general administration at least one hundred twenty days before the expiration of any existing contract(s). The writing from correctional industries will include a request that the office of state procurement tender to correctional industries a mandatory use contract to sell these goods and services to state agencies, the legislature and departments in accordance with RCW 43.19.534. A mandatory use contract as defined in the procurement document will be executed between the office of state procurement and correctional industries that complies with state law and covers all specified Class II goods and services that are produced in whole, or in part, by correctional industries.
(2) All goods and services covered by the general administration mandatory use contract are to be purchased from correctional industries. General administration will administer these contracts.
(3) Any state agency, branch of the legislature or department may apply for an exemption from the correctional industries purchase preference by using the form developed by general administration. If the request for exemption is approved, that approval shall apply for the specified product or product line for a period of one year from the date of approval of the exemption. The approval shall apply to all customers of that agency requesting that product or product line.
(4) However, goods or services produced by Class II correctional industries programs which primarily replace goods manufactured or services obtained from outside the state of Washington are not subject to the criteria contained in subsection (3) of this section, and shall be purchased solely from correctional industries.
(5) Correctional industries, Class II purchasing requirements supersede the second proviso of RCW 43.19.190(2), where correctional industries offers the goods or services through state contract and the goods are manufactured and/or services are obtained from outside the state of Washington.
[Statutory Authority: 2011 c 43. WSR 11-23-093, recodified as § 200-310-055, filed 11/17/11, effective 11/17/11. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.19 RCW. WSR 99-15-070, § 236-49-055, filed 7/19/99, effective 8/19/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.19.534. WSR 94-21-017, § 236-49-055, filed 10/6/94, effective 11/6/94.]