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Parking fees.

(1) The fees for rental parking shall be set by the director of the department of general administration.
(a) Adjustments to the fees may be made at the discretion of the director of the department of general administration.
(b) The director will establish a fee schedule for parking spaces/areas and will keep such fee schedule on file in the director's office of the Department of General Administration, P.O. Box 41000, Olympia, Washington 98504-1000 and will make it available to any person upon request.
(2) In determining whether to adjust rental parking fees, the director will consider one or more of the following factors:
(a) Parking facility costs;
(b) Available commuting alternatives;
(c) Change in the demand for parking facilities;
(d) Transportation demand management requirements;
(e) Market rates of comparable privately owned or leased property; and
(f) Other circumstances as determined by the director, whereby a change in parking fees is necessary.
(3) The director shall provide notice to state agency stakeholders and capitol campus parkers no later than sixty days prior to any proposed rental parking fees adjustment and provide a thirty-day comment period about the proposed parking fee increases. The director shall consider the comments in adopting adjustments to the rental parking fees.
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