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Chapter 192-220 WAC


WAC Sections

Will I be notified about a potential overpayment?
What is an overpayment assessment?
Am I required to repay the overpayment?
When does the department consider me at fault for an overpayment?
What does equity and good conscience mean in regard to overpayment waiver decisions?RCW 50.20.190(2).
How will the disqualification period and penalty established by RCW 50.20.070 be assessed?
How is the fraud penalty calculated?RCW 50.20.070.
Will I receive a decision if a fraud penalty changes following a redetermination or appeal of another fraud decision?
Will I be notified of my right to appeal the overpayment?
Overpayments under RCW 50.12.070 (2)(c).
How do I obtain a waiver?
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