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Chapter 192-210 WAC


WAC Sections

Which educational employees are subject to RCW 50.44.050?
Definitions—Educational employees.
What are the objective criteria used to define "academic year"?—RCW 50.44.050(5).
How will the department decide if reasonable assurance exists?—RCW 50.44.053.
Reasonable assurance for instructional, research, or principal administrative staff at a community or technical college—RCW 50.44.053(3).
When does reasonable assurance apply if I work for more than one school?
Reasonable assurance for substitute teachers—RCW 50.44.050(1).
What is the purpose of the referral union program?
May all individuals on a union dispatch list participate in the referral union program?
What are the requirements for unions in the referral union program?
How does membership in a referral union impact a claimant's eligibility for benefits?
What are the requirements for individuals participating in the referral union program?
What information is the department responsible for providing to participating unions?
Professional athletes—RCW 50.20.113.
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