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WAC 182-511-1000

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Health care for workers with disabilities (HWD)—Program description.

This section describes the health care for workers with disabilities (HWD) program.
(1) The HWD program provides categorically needy (CN) scope of care as described in WAC 388-501-0060.
(2) The department approves HWD coverage for twelve months effective the first of the month in which a person applies and meets program requirements. See WAC 388-475-1100 for "retroactive" coverage for months before the month of application.
(3) A person who is eligible for another medicaid program may choose not to participate in the HWD program.
(4) A person is not eligible for HWD coverage for a month in which the person received medicaid benefits under the medically needy (MN) program.
(5) The HWD program does not provide long-term care (LTC) services described in chapters 388-513 and 388-515 WAC. LTC services include institutional, waivered, and hospice services. To receive LTC services, a person must qualify and participate in the cost of care according to the rules of those programs.
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