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Procedures for granting high school graduation credits for students with special educational needs.

(1) No student shall be denied the opportunity to earn a high school diploma solely because of limitations on the student's ability. The board of directors of districts granting high school diplomas shall adopt written policies, including procedures, for meeting the unique limitations of each student. Such procedures may provide for:
(a) The extension of time the student remains in school up to and including the school year in which such student reaches twenty-one years of age;
(b) A special education program in accordance with chapter 28A.155 RCW if the student is eligible; and
(c) Special accommodations for individual students, or in lieu thereof, exemption from any requirement in this chapter, if such requirement impedes the student's progress toward graduation and there is a direct relationship between the failure to meet the requirement and the student's limitation.
(2) Unless otherwise prohibited by federal or state special education laws, such procedures may not provide for exemption from the certificate of academic achievement graduation requirement under RCW 28A.655.060 (3)(c).
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