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Chapter 173-308 WAC


WAC Sections

Explanation for the use of the terms "sewage sludge," "biosolids," and "septage."
Authority and purpose.
Relationship to other laws, regulations, and ordinances.
Direct enforceability.
Delegation of authority.
Biosolids not classified as solid waste.
Requirement for a person who prepares biosolids or sewage sludge.
Requirement for a person who transports biosolids or sewage sludge.
Requirement for a person who applies biosolids.
Requirement to obtain and provide information.
Requirements for treatment works located outside of the jurisdiction of the department.
Biosolids sampling and analytical methods.
Frequency of biosolids monitoring.
Biosolids pollutant limits.
Pathogen reduction.
Vector attraction reduction.
Protecting waters of the state—Agronomic rate requirement.
Protection of endangered or threatened species.
Exemptions for research.
Management and exemptions for septage from composting toilets.
Exemptions based on the exceptional quality of biosolids.
Significantly remove manufactured inerts.
Bulk biosolids applied to agricultural land, forest land, a public contact site, or a land reclamation site.
Bulk biosolids applied to a lawn or home garden.
Biosolids sold or given away in a bag or other container.
Septage applied to the land.
Contents of signs for land application sites.
Requirements for facilities storing biosolids or sewage sludge.
Annual reports.
Disposal of sewage sludge in municipal solid waste landfill units and use of biosolids in municipal solid waste landfill operations.
Permit fees.
Appendix A—Procedure to determine the annual whole biosolids application rate.
Appendix 1—Minimum content for a permit application.
Appendix 2—Minimum content for a notice of intent to be covered under a general permit.
Appendix 3—Minimum content for a site specific land application plan.
Appendix 4—Minimum content for a general land application plan.
Appendix 5—Procedures for issuing general permits.
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